African Safaris

Anyone interested in embarking upon the journey of a lifetime should seriously consider taking a vacation on an African safari. The word “safari” in Swahili means “journey.” And what a journey an African safari is! From the picturesque landscapes to the stunning wildlife, it is impossible to travel to Africa and return home the same person that first traveled there. A trip to Africa will change you forever.

When Should I Go?

One of the first questions travelers ask when planning a trip on an African safari is “When is the best time to travel to Africa.” The great part is there is no “best time.” Anytime is great to travel to Africa as each season has unique benefits.

While it is true that there are one or two rainy periods of the year in most regions of sub-Saharan Africa, even then the rain is intermittent and not a continual downpour. The great thing about this time of the year is that it brings out streams of baby animals as well as thriving landscapes of beautiful flowers.

There are several things to keep in mind when deciding when to travel on an African safari. First, traveling during the off-season is cheaper than going during the peak season. Also, there are fewer people during this season.

It is also important to realize that Africa’s seasons are the reverse of what we in the northern hemisphere are accustomed to. Africa’s summer in November and December when it is the hottest outside, while June and July are the coldest months. Finally, keep in mind the high altitude of the East African region. It can become rather cool at night so you will want to be prepared.

Where Should I Go?

There are countless safaris the traveler can choose from. To know what safari you should choose, you have to know what you have in mind when you think of a safari. The following categories are common interests travelers have when embarking on the safari

  • I want ADVENTURE: Fun is the key to your ideal safari. The more you get to experience and exploration of Africa, the better. You hope to see plenty of animals and an array of landscapes.
  • I want NATURE: A remote and rustic location in the middle of the pristine wilderness is your kind of safari. You would love to see the ‘big 5’ (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, buffalo, and elephant) and be in the big open spaces underneath the infinite skies.
  • I want LUXURY: You are prepared to pay for luxury and want to be spoiled with comfort even while on a safari. You want to travel out daily in open-top safari vehicles to see Africa’s top 5, yet come home at night to an elegant lodge with good food and wine.

If you want adventure, Overland Africa is the most cost-effective and convenient way of discovering the African continent. It is the predominant way to explore from country to country while encountering the various landscapes, wildlife, and cultures of each region. It is not a guided tour but rather an encounter with the soul and spirit of Africa. An overland tour of Africa provides memorable experiences of night camping in the African bush as well as brushes with amazing wildlife.

While traveling with a group, you will experience Africa in a fun and life-changing way. One of the top overland Africa routes is Rainbow Nation- Pretoria to Cape Town. This nineteen-day overland tour allows you to discover the colors and culture, deserts and oceans, as well as plants and animals of South Africa.

For those who want to experience the nature of Africa, Wilderness Safaris offers unforgettable safaris that are both exciting and educational. Travelers stay in small and luxurious camps as they explore the natural corners of Africa.

There are a variety of safaris travelers can choose from. The Best of Central Africa Wing Safari is an eight-day fly-in safari to the primary safari locations in Malawi and Zambia. Here, in one of Africa’s most friendly regions, two of the area’s excellent wildlife parks are joined with the shores of Lake Malawi to present a magnificent scenic, wildlife, and cultural experience.

Another safari travelers can choose the Mana Canoe Trail – Mana Pools. This safari is unique in that it is a four-day canoe trip through the heart of the Mana Pools region, located on the incredible Zambezi River. This safari provides travelers with the opportunity to experience wildlife exceptionally close as opposed to being away in a safari vehicle. Although animal encounters are very close, experienced guides travel with you.

Finally, if you want luxury, pamper yourself in a luxury African safari which provides extreme comfort, gourmet experience, and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are several lodges located within the distinguished and privately owned Sabi Sands Reserve, near Kruger National Park South Africa.

You can combine any of these lodges with any African destination of your choice, or choose a recommended luxury lodge and safari combination. Mala is suggested as being the ideal luxury lodge for viewing wildlife.

Visitors are taken out daily in a safari vehicle with an experienced ranger to encounter the big game animals up close. If you hope to see all of the animals on your ‘big five’ list Mala Mala safaris are the place to go!

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