What Makes Us Unique?

Why choose trip planning with us?

Why travel 3 to 4 hours from Seattle with some maps, brochures, and guidebooks – unsure of where to stay or eat? Just figuring out where to go hiking, getting a permit, arranging shuttles, and organizing meals waste precious vacation time.  We can solve all of those problems. Spend your time enjoying Washington and let us handle the details!

We believe in what we’re doing !

All guides are active members in several organizations that support sustainable use of Washington’s wilderness areas and National Parks. Wilderness Backpacking Adventures supports leave no trace practices so that everyone can enjoy the wilderness. We donate money to organizations that help lobby to save wilderness areas and we support all fees and legislation that help the National Park Service sustain a high level of quality in our National Parks system. All guides also give generously of their time and effort to trail maintenance, special event help, and the education of young people to treasure and enjoy our precious wilderness.